The following pages contain the personal accounts of synaesthesia people have sent me. Aside from correcting a few typos I haven't changed anything. I don't necessarily agree with the opinions expressed. Everything I've included is with the full permission of the writer. My apologies to anyone whose experience I haven't posted -it's not a matter of preference, I just have very little internet time and resources at the moment. Hassle me and I'll remember to put it up.

A Request!

Anyone else who'd like to submit something, email me at Please specify whether you want me to post your name/email address/homepage URL, etc.

I have no desired format, so feel free to write whatever you want. It can be a few lines, a few paragraphs, or a few pages -I'm not fussy! Here are some suggestions just in case you're stuck:

-What type/s of synaesthesia do you experience?

-How did you first realise that you perceived the world differently to "normal" people?

-How has synaesthesia helped/hindered you?

-Have you told anyone about your synaesthesia? If so, how have they reacted?

-What are your views on synaesthesia from a scientific perspective?

Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!!!
Personal Experiences
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