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Synaesthesia (syn -joined, aethesia -sense) is a neurological rarity in which two or more senses are connected.

For example, music might be "seen" in colours and patterns, or taste may be seen in shapes, letters and numbers may have textures, etc

These associations are present  from as early as the synaesthete can remember, or from the first time the stimuli was presented, for example the first time they smelled cinnamon or when they first learned the alphabet.
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Sometimes people mistakenly think they are have synaesthesia because, eg, they see spheres when eating an orange, red when thinking of anger, smoothness with cream, or blue with a song about the sea. Often these types of associations may
seem arbitrary but there is still a subtle link. These are learned associations.
The synaesthete's senses are arbitrarily linked.  A true synaesthete may, eg, see the letter 'b' as pink, or think that chicken tastes spherical, or associate back pain with lavender squiggles. These associations are constant (eg 'q' will always be orange, etc)
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