My Synaesthesia
I do the following:

~ See letters as colours and textures ('N' is sort of plasticky/rubbery/smooth, 'L' is sort of  the consistency of watery paint, and so on. Actually, most of the other textures are nearly impossible to describe). Letters also have vague personalities, but not as strongly as numerals do.

~ See numbers in colours and as personalities. For example two is kind but fairly reticent, four is a bit of a nerd, seven is headstrong, a leader and slightly arrogant......Numbers also have textures but not as strongly as letters do. I think that's because letters can be used to write numbers so for eg the texture of the word 'four' distracts me from the texture of the numeral '4'.

~ Hear in colours/shapes/patterns, kind of like 3D abstract artworks. My musical associations aren't as strong as my letter/digit associations. If a song has references to colours or whatever in the lyrics, or i see the video clip, or album cover, etc this disrupts my synaesthesia. Otherwise my own arbitrary associations are vivid.

~ See flavours and fragrances in colours and shapes. Again, it's not very strong due to learned/logical associations. A new medicine may taste burgundy and look like a certain kind of blob/squiggle, whereas I simply associate the taste of an orange with the colour orange and see lavender soap as smelling purple.

~ See some people and voices as colours. Yet again, learned association interfere with this. When I was in primary school there was a group of friends who were a reddish-orange/black colour scheme, and another who were kind of a pale purplish-pink.

~ See my fingers as different colours and personalities.

~ See pain and other tactile sensations in colours, textures and patterns. For example the pain of hitting my thumb with a hammer  would be dark purple and shaped like a triangle with rounded corners, a mild headache is kind yellowish-browny-red and sort of like a heavy velvet rectangle, being bitten by a mosquito is orange and the texture is too hard to describe.

~ See shapes in colours and vague personalities. For example a square is a beige-yellow, a circle is pale blue, a triangle is orangish-red, a rectangle can be either brown or dark green (it depends), a trapezium is a brownish-orangish-yellow and an oval is a pale purplish-blue.

~ I also have a tendency to see colours/personalities/faces etc in objects like toothbrushes, cutlery, appliances, furniture, the various positions my cat lies in.....anything really. One synaesthete emailed me saying (among other things) she saw things like shampoo and conditioner, etc as having personalities. For me it's like everything has a presence and personality. For example if I'm in a room with, say, a nosy bookshelf, a chatty vase or a critical ironing board and I'm trying to work, I may have to leave.

~ Many concepts such as time, direction, emotion, etc have shapes/colours.

(I notice new things as the stimuli come to me. Also, since reading responses from other synaesthetes I've realised things which I'd never even previously thought about. I guess synaesthesia is just such a part of daily life that I'm not always consciously aware of it. It's kind of  like having a pulse: it's always there but you don't always think about it.)
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