-Owned by several college students. The choice of backgrounds and colours make this site a real headache to read, but in terms of content this is easily one of the best synaesthesia sites. I particularly like the "Living Synaesthesia" section.
-Owned by Sean Day, a synaesthete and a professor (I could be wrong -he doesn't write much about himself). Tonnes of great information but the layout is messy and somewhat difficult to navigate. One of the most popular synaesthesia sites. Features a chat-room, message board and mailing list.
-Owned by Sam Scott, a Ph.D. student in cognitive science. This guy seems to really know his stuff, but the site is quite small. Features a chat-room and message board.
Synaesthesia4 -Apparently whoever wrote this is not overly fond of spacing between paragraphs. Also, you'll need to scroll down a bit till you find the stuff about synaesthesia, but it's definitely worth it. I haven't had time to read it all, but what I have read is brilliant.
Synaesthesia5 -This site is a bit different in that it focuses upon sequencial synaesthesia. Very interesting with good layout.
Synaesthesia7 -An excellent paper by Tamara Alexandrov.
Synaesthesia8 -An article from "Focus" magazine. For some reason this is on the official "The Cure" website. Maybe one of the band members is a synaesthete?
Synaesthesia9 -An abstract look at synaesthesia. Author reckons synaesthesia is the next evolutionary level (ie he's a bit of a wacko).
Synaesthesia10 -Features a coloured-letter synaesthesia demonstration. Quite good.
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