Types of Synaesthesia
There are heaps of types. Probably the two most common/best-known forms are 'chromatographic' (coloured letters/numerals) and coloured hearing.
Other associations include coloured/shaped/patterned/sequenced/textured/tasting:
~ touch
~ pain
~ smell
~ objects (eg cutlery, cars, etc.)
~ people
~ voices
~ taste
~ gender
~ emotions
~ shapes
~ days, weeks, years, etc.
and much, much more. In fact there are infinite variations. In a case I read about (written by Oliver Sacks) a boy percieved something (i think it was musical notes or something) as strange body contortions, if that makes any sense! He was retested many years later and his "postures" were found to be perfectly constant. No doubt there are numerous other rare/unique synaesthetic associations such as this.

Another interesting form of synaesthesia is sequencial synaesthesia. Read about it
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